“Local Government Leaders of Governance 2023” Competition Gala and International Conference in Piła – SAVE THE DATE
On 7 and 8 December 2023, the Association of Polish Cities Team will join forces with the Piła municipality to organise a unique event – Local Development Forum conference and seminar with an urban energy transition focus.

The agenda for the PIŁA convention will include the final selection and announcement of winners of the “Local Government Leaders of Governance 2023 – Urban Energy Transformation for Climate Neutrality and Life Quality Improvement” Competition, and the “Energy Transition – Use of Green Energy in Modern Cities. SMART CITY Technologies as an Energy Management Tool” conference.

Seventeen entry applications submitted by 14 cities and towns (2 by a town and urban-and-rural municipality, 8 by towns with county rights, and 7 by voivodship capital cities) were sent in for the “Local Government Leaders of Governance 2023” Competition announced in June with a focus on initiatives and actions taken by urban local governments to back efficient urban energy transition policies for climate neutrality and improved quality of life, including comprehensive improvements to energy efficiency with the use of digital solutions. Award and Honourable Mention Winners selected by the Jury Competition will be announced during the Finale Gala in Piła on 8 December.

The conference scheduled for 7 and 8 December will include presentations of strategic and governance-related assumptions for energy transition embedded in national, regional, and municipal policies, illustrated with additional case studies from abroad. Conference participants will be introduced to specific urban energy transition solutions, including the use of hydrogen technologies (with good practice examples from Poland, Norway, and Germany); technological and economic factors of introducing energy transition; building energy independence mechanisms for small- and medium-sized towns; and funding sources useful to energy transition projects. Successful energy transition projects in Poland will be presented as well, all based on Smart City concepts and solutions, recognised as outstanding “Local Government Leaders of Governance 2023” entrants.

The conference will offer space for thought and experience exchange, as well as developing and reinforcing relationships between individual towns and cities and their partners.