Jarocin – Study visit to the Norwegian municipality of Ås
Sharing and learning more about good practices and experiences in environmental protection was the purpose of a study visit paid by representatives of Jarocin to the Norwegian municipality of Ås.

The study visit took place from 28 until 31 March 2023.

The Polish group included First Deputy Mayor of Jarocin Bartosz Walczak, Treasurer of the Jarocin Municipality Agnieszka Stachowiak, acting Director of the Administrative Department Urszula Jasek, Elder of the Jarocin Assorted Crafts Guild (Project Partner) Jacek Dutkiewicz, Apprentice Elder of the Jarocin Assorted Crafts Guild Leszek Błaszczyk, and Director of the County Job Centre in Jarocin Grzegorz Fengler.

Representatives of the Polish municipality were offered the opportunity of learning more about local environmental protection policies, and attended a sustainable waste handling seminar at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU. The earthresQue Centre is a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) funded by the Research Council of Norway. The Centre focuses on developing technologies and systems for the sustainable handling and treatment of waste and surplus masses.

The Polish group attended a university lecture on water resources management, and water recovery and recycling. They also visited “The Bubble House”.

Representatives of Jarocin were introduced to the concept of setting up an innovation centre in Ås as a hub for experience, knowledge, and human resources exchange between the local government, University of Life Sciences, and local businesses. The centre will be set up on the former Veidekke site, in a central Ås location. The overall space of 1,230 m2 will be filled with innovative activities and companies able to take advantage of the proximity of the competence community on Ås Campus. The centre has been designed as a central and shared incubator of innovation, recruitment, and business development, of regional, domestic and international importance to a sustainable society.

The visit agenda included Poles visiting Hafslund Oslo Celsio (district heating plant in Oslo), and attending a lecture describing its operations.

The visit facilitated the process of fostering bonds between the towns of Jarocin and Ås, and developing future plans and collaboration.