Association of Polish Cities

History, mission and vision of the Association of Polish Cities


The Association of Polish Cities is the oldest Polish organisation of local governments dating back to the times when Poland was regaining its independence in the inter-war period. Its traditions from that era are very rich. In 1917–1939 the Association was actively involved in legislative lobbying as well as economic and cultural promotion of cities. It was also involved in publishing and training as well as broad experience sharing. In addition, it cooperated with similar organisations from other countries.

After the Second World War the Association could no longer operate. However, immediately after the first free local elections after the war (27 May 1990) an initiative was put forward to revive it. Within a few months councils of nearly 60 cities decided to join it and in January 1991 Poznań, the statutory seat of the Association, hosted its Reconstitution Congress.

Since 1990 the Association of Polish Cities has featured prominently in the most recent history of the revived local self-government in Poland. It is the biggest organisation of this type in Poland, representing 314 cities inhabited by over 72% of the country’s urban population. The APC is an association of cities seeking to support the idea of local government as well as to bring about economic and socio-cultural development of Polish cities.


We effectively support Polish cities in their efforts to develop socially and economically, and disseminate good practices in modern and innovative governance of communities of citizens. We work with a number of public and private entities to create the best possible conditions for cities enabling them to provide public services of the highest quality.

Vision of the APC

A strong and effective country-wide organisation of local governments bringing together cities with common goals.

Why is it worth becoming a member of the Association of Polish Cities?

We can influence legislation

  • We are involved in legislative lobbying thanks to the participation of the Association’s representatives in the work of the Joint Government and Territorial Self-Government Commission, parliamentary committees and various influential bodies.
  • We prepare applications as well as provide financial support and expertise to cities applying to the Polish Constitutional Court.
  • We initiate joint actions against legislative solutions disadvantageous to cities and we draft our own legislative proposals.

We offer expertise and substantive support

  • We finance and provide our member cities with expert legal analyses.
  • We support cities in their day-to-day and strategic management through the Self-Government Analysis System, a statistical database (1000 indicators for all cities in Poland) with data obtained directly from the cities as well as various public sources of statistics concerning important areas of local governments’ activity in cities.
  • We provide opportunities for our members to take part in numerous projects financed by external funds and concerning matters important to local governments, e.g. development, participation, education, climate, administrative services and public-private partnership.

We make experience exchange possible

  • We promote good urban practices (competitions, Good Practice Database, publications).
  • We provide substantive assistance in solving problems facing the Association’s member cities.
  • We organise thematic conferences, seminars, workshops and Experience Exchange Groups for our member cities.

We support promotion and information activities

  • We run campaigns enhancing the image of local governments in collaboration with the Association’s member cities.
  • We have our own information channels – the Samorząd Miejski monthly, APC’s self-government portal, Facebook profile, newsletter, mailing, guide for local government units (information about external funds), and we prepare publications on the quality of public services and governance.
  • We cooperate regularly with journalists, organise briefings and press conferences, work with the spokespersons of cities, editors of municipal newspapers and employees of promotion offices.

We cooperate with international partners

  • We run projects in collaboration with associations of local governments in Europe (conferences, study visits, platforms for experience sharing).
  • We support our member cities in their search for international partners (nearly 30% of all international partnerships involving Polish local governments were established with the Association’s help).

Our main project: 
„Strengthening capacity of medium and small cities in Poland for implementing effective development policies”

Organisational structure and authorities of the APC

The General Assembly is the Association’s highest authority; it is its decision-making and control body.

The Board is the Association’s executive body and is headed by the President of the Association.

Zygmunt Frankiewicz, Delegate of Gliwice (Mayor of Gliwice until 13 th October 2019), President of the Association of Polish Cities
Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Kraków, Deputy President of the Association of Polish Cities
Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin, Deputy President of the Association of Polish Cities
Paweł Osiewała, Mayor of Sieradz, Deputy President of the Association of Polish Cities
Krzysztof Kosiński, Mayor of Ciechanów, Secretary of the Association of Polish Cities
Andrzej Pietrasik, Mayor of Płońsk, Treasurer of the Association of Polish Cities
Tomasz Andrukiewicz, Mayor of Ełk
Ryszard Brejza, Mayor of Inowrocław
Arkadiusz Chęciński, Mayor of Sosnowiec
Andrzej Dziuba, Mayor of Tychy
Mieczysław Grzegorz Gołuński, Mayor of Kartuzy (delegate until 3 rd June 2019)
Jarosław Górczyński, Mayor of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
Bogusław Karakula, Mayor of Sokołów Podlaski
Jacek Karnowski, Mayor of Sopot
Tadeusz Krzakowski, Mayor of Legnica
Adam Lewandowski, Mayor of Śrem
Edward Maniura, Mayor of Lubliniec
Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, Mayor of Częstochowa
Anna Mieczkowska, Mayor of Kołobrzeg
Beata Moskal-Słaniewska, Mayor of Świdnica
Piotr Płudowski, Mayor of Łuków
Piotr Psikus, Mayor of Kępno
Elżbieta Radwan, Mayor of Wołomin
Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wrocław
Roman Szełemej, Mayor of Wałbrzych
Tadeusz Truskolaski, Mayor of Białystok
Wadim Tyszkiewicz, former Mayor of Nowa Sól (delegate until 13 th October 2019)
Jacek Wiśniewski, Mayor of Mielec
Radosław Witkowski, Mayor of Radom
Marcin Wojdat, City Secretary, Warszawa

The control body of the Association is the Audit Committee.

The Association operates through its Bureau.


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